Wrap-around care

Wraparound Policy

Brough Community Primary School Breakfast and After School Club

Provision for breakfast and after school clubs at Brough Community Primary School is an important facility that benefits both children and parents, in providing essential care during the week. This wraparound is there as an enhancement to our statutory regulations but falls within all normal operating procedures of the school, ensuring compliance with safeguarding and health and safety regulations.

Who can use the wraparound facility?

Children attending Brough Community Primary School can use our wraparound facility. We do work alongside Brough Pre-School Nursery so we can coordinate care with younger children. Please speak to the school office about this.

Where is it based?

Both the breakfast and after school club will utilise the school hall. When the weather is good, outdoor areas will also be utilised.

What are the opening times?

Before School

Breakfast club runs between 8.00am-8.50am. It is important that your child is signed into the session. At 8.50am older children will make their way to their classrooms and younger children will be escorted to theirs. All children will then be registered as normal.

After School

After School Club runs from 3.15pm – 5.00pm or longer by agreement with the school/club supervisor. Children going to the After School Club are met in the school hall by the club supervisor. When collecting your child, please ensure that you sign them out of the club.

How much will it cost?

​ Before School (8.00am-8.50am) £3.00 inc breakfast

(8.30am-8.50am) £1.00 no breakfast

After School (3.15pm-5.00pm) £6.00 inc snack

(3.15pm-4pm) £3.50

N.B. we are able to offer a 50% discount to parents of children from whom we are in receipt of income related free school meal award.

Parents will be contacted via email with payment of amount due. This should then be paid through Parentpay. If you have a place booked and your child does not attend, payment is still required.

Outstanding Fees

In the event of fees not being paid you may be asked to withdraw your child.

What will my child need?

When attending the After School Club your child may be asked to bring other items if and when they are needed, according to the activities being provided.

What will my child eat and drink?

We provide a choice of toast, cereals, fruit, milk or juice for breakfast. After School healthy snacks are provided. As we have information on dietary requirements and allergies in school we expect to have all this in hand, but please inform us of any temporary requirements or changes that we might not be aware of. At every session, children have access to drinking water. In line with our Food & Drink policy, which encourages healthy eating, we request that children avoid sweets and fizzy drinks.

What if my child is ill?

If your child is ill and you have booked a place, we will acknowledge this from the school register. Children with sickness or diarrhoea or other viral illness should not attend the wraparound facility until clear for 48 hours. If your child has head lice, they may use the wraparound facility, provided it is being treated. In the case of infectious illness the recommended exclusion time applies the same as it would regarding school attendance. The club will adhere to the guidelines provided by Health Protection Agency. In the case of an emergency, the club supervisor will contact the appropriate health professionals. If attendance at a hospital is required a member of staff will accompany the child and remain with the child until the child’s parent/carer arrives. The supervisor will continue with attempts to make contact with the parent/carer, if they have not been able to reach them beforehand.

What if my child needs medication or has an accident?

Any medication will be administered as per the normal school procedures – forms are available at the school office. Our staff have up to date paediatric First Aid training. If your child has an accident at Base Camp, staff will complete an Accident Form, which you would be asked to sign when collecting your child. If your child has had an accident at home and has visible injuries then please inform staff so it can be recorded.


We understand that all children are different and will adapt to our wraparound offer in different ways. We will do everything we can to make your child’s time a happy one. If you are concerned about any aspects of their time in breakfast of after school club then please speak, in the first instance, to the club supervisor.

Behaviour at the club

The school’s wraparound service operates in line with the school’s behaviour policy, which is available of the school website.

Caring for your child

Caring for your child is our top priority. As staff are employed by the school and only children from the school attend the wraparound, the club is acknowledged through the direct registration of the school through Ofsted. All staff are DBS checked and registered and staff have current food hygiene certificates.

Having Fun

At after school club we aim to give children a wide range of experiences by providing stimulating, fun activities. These include crafts and games. We will also encourage reading time and with direction from parents, time to catch up on homework and other areas of learning.


The wraparound service is covered through the school’s comprehensive insurance cover.

Property and belongings

The school will provide an extensive range of equipment suitable for children of all ages. It is not necessary or advisable for children to bring toys from home. Children’s comforts and toys of special interest are acceptable. Although we will endeavour to take care of any items brought in, we will not accept responsibility should any loss or damage occur and similarly, parents will be accountable for the damage of school equipment through misuse or negligence.

Safeguarding Children

In the case of suspected abuse of children, it is our duty and legal requirement to report our concerns to Social Services immediately. Policies and procedures are in place to safeguard children. All staff are trained in Safeguarding and are aware of the “What to do” procedure. Our Safeguarding policy has contact details and procedures for Triage. We follow Cumbria Safeguarding Children Partnership guidelines.

Sharing information

We work in a multi-agency environment and we will seek advice from multi-agency professionals from time to time to ensure the quality of the childcare offered. If this is in relation to your child, we will contact you directly to seek consent prior to consultation.


Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the after school club with anyone unknown to the staff, unless previously arranged by the parent or guardian. If parents make prior arrangements by telephone, school will require the name, address and telephone number of the nominated person.


The school accepts no responsibility for injury, damage or loss to persons, vehicles or property.

Further information

Should you require further information. please contact the school office on:

Tel: 017683 41284

Tel: admin@brough.cumbria.sch.uk