Brough School Governing Body is made up of nine governors. The school has a document called an Instrument of Governance which defines the governing body and requires the school to have the following constitution:

• Two parent governors (elected by parents)

• One local authority governor (appointed by the local authority)

• One staff governor (elected by the school staff)

• One Head teacher (automatically a governor)

• Four co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body)

The normal period of office for the governors is 4 years unless otherwise stated.

As well as the full governing body committee, there are two subcommittees: the Resources subcommittee (responsible for finance, staffing and premises) and the Pupil Progress subcommittee (responsible for all aspects of pupil progress and curriculum). Each committee has their specific Terms of Reference and responsibilities.

Meetings are normally held each term.

Current membership:

Category of Governor Name Date Appointed End of Term of Office Subcommittee

Headteacher Mr Phil Cooper Ex-officio Resources/Pupil Progress

Chair of Governors Mrs Kate Lynch 5th November 2019 4th November 2023 Pupil Progress / Resources / ENCO Link Governor/ Appointed Chair 19/10/2021

Parent Appointed Mrs Sharon Hughes 27th November 2017 19th July 2022 Resources/Pupil Progress / Health and Safety Link Governor / Vice Chair

Parent Appointed Vacant position N/A

Staff Governor Mrs Jen Robinson 4th September 2019 3rd September 2023 Pupil Progress / Curriculum / Gifted & Talented

Co-opted Vacant position

LA Appointed Mr Alan Roberts 24th June 2020 23rd June 2024 Resources (Chair) / EYFS

Co-opted Mrs Linda Walker 20th October 2020 19th October 2024 Pupil Progress (Chair) / Curriculum / Pupil Premium

Co-opted Miss Dawn Scarr 8th February 2021 7th February 2025

Clerk to the Governors Vacant position

Statutory information:

Attendance of Meetings

Register of Interests

Terms of Reference for Full Governing Body Oct 2020

Terms of Reference of the Resources Committee Oct 2020

Terms of Reference for The Pupil Progress Committee Oct 2020