Google Education for Teachers

Creating a Google Classroom

Here's my YouTube tutorial if you're setting a Google Classroom up with a personal Gmail account.

Here's Google's tutorial on creating a classroom.

Here's my YouTube tutorial on setting a Google Classroom up if you have a G-Suite account.

Adding pupils to a Google Classroom

A tutorial on adding pupils in Google Classroom is here.

Using Google Classroom

Click here for a YouTube tutorial on the stream and setting assignments in Google Classroom.

Setting up a user on the Chrome browser

To make sure you are using your own account to access Google features, like Google Classroom, click here.

Here's a YouTube tutorial to show the same process.

Setting up G-Suite

Setting up G-Suite is best way for a school to organise their school community online. Here's my list of instructions on how to do this:

  • Follow the simple process to register for G-suite here.

  • You will need your own domain name. During registration, you can choose and purchase one if you don't have one.

  • Verify the domain – this is the only ‘techie’ bit and required what’s called a TXT code from whoever you registered the domain with - Google does walk you through this well

  • Start using the G-suite account to setup staff and student accounts.

  • Google Classroom can then be initiated using your school domain accounts.